Newsletter - Smarter Power

November 14, 2016

Check out the latest Gofer Newsletter: With a focus on Smarter Energy

Gofer is continually looking at smarter ways to power events.  Using energy smarter isn’t just about using alternative power sources; it is fully understanding your power requirements and using energy efficiently.  We work closely with you, the event providers to establish ways in which you can make smart choices with how you power events.


How we can work together to provide smarter energy solutions:

  • Equipment lists – by providing detailed equipment lists (and sticking to them), Gofer is able to assess the power          

  • demand at an event and provide the most efficient power setup.

  • Site plans – by providing site plans in advance we can work with you to discuss the design to ensure the most efficient use of power.

  • Alternative and new energy – advanced booking allows Gofer to source alternative and new energy sources. 

  • Monitoring energy – technology is now available to monitor energy usage on generators.  Power usage data can be reviewed at the end of an event to assess how improvements can be made in future years.


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