Sustainability & Environmental Pledge

Gofer is committed to minimising the impact of our activities on the environment and encourage sustainable initiatives for our clients and will comply with all relevant environmental legislation.

We aim to make a significant, long term contribution to improving the environment for now and future generations, by ensuring that sustainability is a fundamental part of our activities.

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Gofer make the following commitments to improve sustainability:

  • Raise awareness, empower and encourage employees and sub-contractors to embrace sustainable practices in all areas of the business.  Provide training where appropriate to their role and encourage networking to share and learn what others are doing. 

  • Raise awareness, empower and encourage clients to embrace sustainable practices.  Offer alternative power solutions that have a reduced impact on the environment.

  • Work with our suppliers to hire and purchase goods and services that are sustainable and environmentally responsible.

  • Carry out a logistical review of transportation requirements to minimise travel distance and ensure the most suitable sized vehicle is used.

  • Aim to eliminate where possible or reduce the amount of waste created and reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill.

  • Ensure that our operations are carried out in an environmentally efficient manner, reduce, reuse or recycle resources used where possible. 

  • Monitor and report on our sustainability through key performance indicators.  Set targets and strive for continuous improvements.  Key areas of monitoring include energy, water, waste and carbon for Gofer and energy and carbon for our clients.

  • Communicate and celebrate both internally to staff and to our clients the progress of our sustainability goals, to encourage and promote changes to others.

Energy Monitoring on Generator Sets
Solar Powered Tower Light
Hybrid Power Generators

Gofer is continually looking at smarter ways to power events.  Using energy smarter isn’t just about using alternative power sources; it is fully understanding your power requirements and using energy efficiently.  We work closely with out clients to establish ways in which they can make smart choices with how they power events.

Gofer make the following commitments to improve the sustainability by working together with our clients:

  • Adopt best practice in the design of sites to ensure energy efficiency.

  • Raise awareness of sustainability in the power generation industry.

  • Provide honest, tested and reliable advice regarding energy efficiency to meet sustainable goals.

  • Encourage data sharing from equipment lists to power usage to enable Gofer to assess power demand at and event and provide the most efficient power setup.

  • Switch to alternative and new energy technology sources where suitable to reduce the carbon impact.

  • Continually review new practices and technology to establish the most sustainable options.

  • Provide an energy monitoring service to establish power usage data and access how improvements can be made for future events.

  • By 2021 to introduce green credential tracking and introduce a green credential contract.


Gofer will utilise energy saving schemes:

  • At our base of operations replacing lighting, tools and equipment with lower energy options.

  • Lowering noise and fuel consumption using new high efficiency generators.

  • Energy harvesting and storage.

  • Planning events with low energy technology.

  • Minimising transport mileage.

  • Recycling all waste oil, fuel and filter via accredited providers, cardboard, paper, glass, plastics and metal.

  • Consider all environmental impacts of new equipment and projects undertaken. 

  • Look at alternative chemicals using less oil based and environmentally damaging.

  • Replace all lighting with LED or discharge fittings.

  • Introduce alternative energy generators to the fleet.

  • Introduce solar energy.

  • Milk delivery in glass bottles.

  • Planting of wild flowers and bee houses at head office.

Solar Power

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