Emergency Power

Planned or unplanned power cut, Gofer can help you when you need power in an emergency situation.

If your business relies on an un-interruptive supply of power we can visit your premises and work with you to draw up a emergency power plan ensuring that risks are covered. 

If you need power in an emergency please ring the main office telephone number 01473 282530.  If it is out of hours, please listen to the voicemail recording to find out the emergency on-call telephone number.

If you are aware of a planned power cut that will require emergency power coverage, please ring the main office number: 01473 282530, email: info@gofer.co.uk or fill in the enquiries form below.  




For any enquiries, questions or quotes, please call: 01473 282530 or fill out the following form:

Get a quote: 01473 282530

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