Support Equipment

Site Lighting

Gofer have a comprehensive range of site lighting for both indoor and outdoor applications.  All products are available for collection, or delivery can be arranged nationally if required.  Our team of experienced electricians can install, maintain and remove upon request.


Tower Lights

Our self generating units are house in silent, road tow-able canopies.  Suitable for many outdoor applications such as: construction, security, car parks, emergency incidents; plus events and sporting fixtures.


Key features include:

  • 4 x 1000w metal halide lamps

  • Vertical hydraulic mast

  • 360o Rotation

  • Fully automated mast deployment

  • Variable height to 9 meters

  • 140 litre fuel tank

  • 85 hours running

  • Auxillary 240v sockets

  • Noise level 59 dB @7 meters

  • Bio-degradable hydraulic oil


Flood Lighting

Our extensive lighting range consists of internal and external units, which are pre-wired with 16a cee-form connectors:


Metal Halide Flood Light

Available with Green, Blue, Magenta or White lamps. 70w to 400w.

Halogen Flood Lights

White 150w to 1500w.


Emergency and Exit Lights

3 hour maintained and non-maintained.


Twin Head Emergency Lights




1m, 2m, 3m and 5m spacings.  LED, standard tungsten and coloured bulbs.


Fluorescent Lighting

4’ and 5’ single and twin models.

Cable Crossover

We hold a large stock of a variety of cable crossover and in large numbers to ensure safe cable management at your event, whether its indoor or outdoor.  Safe cable layout is an essential aspect of power distribution.

Fuel Tanks and Bowsers

10TCG – 990 Litre (L1150 x W1150 x H1320mm)

Weight unladen 550kg


20TCG – 2000 Litre (L2300 x W1150 x H1320mm)

Weight unladen 862kg


H10TCG – 1000 Litre (L3020 x W1720 x H1755mm)

Weight unladen 923kg


Transcube Global (TCG) fuel tanks are bunded to COP regulations to ensure full environmental compliance with Pollution Prevention Guidelines PPG2.


  • Stackable 2 high full or 3 high empty to reduce space.

  • Full load lifting eyes, fork lift pockets and internally baffled to allow handling of the TCG full of fuel.

  • Electric fuel delivery pump with refuelling nozzle.

  • 10TCG and H10TCG can be transported full without the need for ADR training.


Highway tow fuel bowser UN approved IBC (intermediate Bulk Container) for the transport of fuel under the ADR regulations.


10KVA 415v 32a 3P+N+E incoming supply to 110v output.


  • 4 x 16a 110v sockets

  • 2 x 32a 110v sockets

  • Heavy duty steel enclosure

  • Double wound windings with safety earth screen

  • Sockets protected with MCB’s

  • CTE centre tapped earth

  • Weight approx. 90kg

  • Size (L545 x W430 x H370mm)

AMF Panels

These Panels are designed for backing up electrical supply which may be unreliable or it is critical to maintain continuity of service.  (This is not a seam-less changeover).

  • 125a

  • 250a

  • 400a

  • 800a

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